The Expo

In the age of full industrialization, the “Traditional Products 2010” Festival & Exhibition comes as an alternative solution, to promote smaller producers, whether of handmade or craft products. This is a unique event where tradition meets the modern era.

Products, arts and crafts from all over the world which have developed with the passage of time from various needs, experiences and which are, above all, creations of love and care, will be presented to the Greek Public for the first time.

Flavors, sounds and images will bring together different cultures from all over the world, all gathered in one place for the first time and for three whole days, offering a unique multimedia experience.

The event will present products from all over the world.

1. Cultural happenings

In appropriately designed areas where the following will take place:

  • Preparation of food to promote local cuisine
  • Musical performances
  • Dance performances
  • Visual art exhibitions

2. Commercial Exhibition

The following individual stands will be participating in the exhibition:

* Traditional foods, beverages and sweets

Aromatic plants, herbs, spices

* Folk art items

Fabrics, embroidery, woven fabrics
Wood carvings, brass & copper work
Ceramics, pottery, statues, dolls
Leather goods, clothes, traditional costumes
Candle working, worry beads
Silver jewelry, precious stones

  • Glass production, glass blowing
  • Tourist destinations, tourist items
  • Ecclesiastical works, Byzantine icons, religious items
  • Furniture
  • Traditional musical instruments
  • Collections
  • Folk culture events, shadow theatre, marionettes
  • Organizations, unions, associations, etc.

This has been designed to be the event of the year:

  • offering all types of businesses and cooperative organizations the opportunity to promote their products;
  • aiming to bring business entrepreneurs in touch with the Greek market;
  • providing collective associations with the opportunity to promote their activities and work;
  • presenting everything related to traditional products and folk culture, all in one place.

The objectives of the Festival & Exhibition are to:

  • promote products that are not so well known to the wider public;
  • present crafts and techniques used in the production and manufacture of traditional products;
  • provide the opportunity for commercial agreements to be reached between exhibitors and visitors;
  • provide information for the buying public.